It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a software engineer or a CEO. If you want to boost your career you need to speak and interact with others. I’ll help you improve your communication skills considering your personal traits, your strengths and weaknesses. I don’t plan on changing your personality completely because being authentic is the key. But I can help you with the way you speak at meetings, ask questions, discuss issues, provide feedback and resolve conflicts. That’s everything you need to achieve your professional goals and build meaningful relations.



It’s essential to leaders at all levels to develop their ability to inspire and motivate others. No matter if you manage just a bunch of people in a start-up or more than a 1000 employees in a huge corporation. Discover how human psychology can help you resolve conflicts, improve your team performance, share feedback and negotiate with others. Find out how to build efficient teams consisting of employees who are diverse in terms of character, age and experience. There is nothing like the proper way of leading people. I’ll help you review your current approach and move your skills to the next level.



Training people may sound like all talk but being an effective trainer is much more than that. Being a great trainer requires the knowledge and use of soft skills as well as the understanding of how a learning process works. I’ll show you how to prepare high quality materials and workshops. I can explain to you how to build trust and authority regardless of whether you train youths or seniors. I can also help you improve your body language so you feel confident and show you how to speak so that everybody listens. You’ll understand how to explain complex concepts in an easy way and how to effectively visualize data.



Delivering presentations is not only about standing and speaking. It’s about grabbing the attention and keeping it till the end. An effective presenter is somebody who understands the needs of his audience, controls his voice and is able to use the power of body language. I can explain to you how to use active listening to connect with people. Being a presenter also means exposure to negativity. I’ll show you how to deal with negative opinions and how to accurately answer questions, even when you don’t know the answer or there is no good answer.



Slides shouldn’t be boring, even if you deal with financial data, technical diagrams or corporate charts. Whatever you present can distinguish you from others, so that you are interesting and memorable to your audience. I can show you how to design slides so people won’t be asleep during your presentation. Forget about bullet points and awful graphics from the 90’s. I can help you create your own style which will enrich any discussion with your listeners. It doesn’t matter what kind of a tool you use. It can be PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, HTML or anything else. You’ll learn about the essential design rules.