The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

Peter Drucker


After years of working closely with people I realized that most problems I faced were caused by miscommunication. I observed that even in IT companies it wasn’t the technology that posed the biggest challenge. This discovery changed the way I perceived soft skills. It was also the reason I became obsessed with communication. I started to treat good communication skills as a must have in my professional career.

Helping people & organizations

Leading People
Improving Communication
Building Culture
Delivering Presentations
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Building Personal Brand

Research over opinion

In my work I use cognitive psychology studies. My knowledge isn’t based solely on my personal opinion since it would be quite subjective. I always try to find the source of truth before I share it. And I’m not just a purely theoretical expert. Each day I experiment and use the gathered knowledge in practice. I believe it’s this combination of knowledge and experience that gives me the ability to share valuable insights. I’m a communication mythbuster who uncovers common lies constantly repeated by many coaches and trainers.